Battle of the Cupcake


Written by Santiago Sanchez|

Are you wondering what a cupcake war is? This will be the first year that The Morgan School will be participating and hosting  the cupcake war. The cupcake war will consist of each student or group making a unique cupcake. Judging will be based on a rubric. Contestants will be judged on creativity/originality, decorating, difficulty of project, color and design, display, sanitation, clean up/work area, and the overall presentation. The students will have one hour to make the cupcakes, and the students will have no help from any teacher. The other schools participating in the event will be required to bring a judge. Haddam Killingworth, Westbrook, Clinton, Madison, and Milford will all meet at the final event on Friday May 10th. To qualify Morgan students will have to compete in a school wide cupcake war which will be held on Thursday March 28th. Students will also be choosing their own recipes and partners or they have the option of working by themselves. Maria Putnam as a student in Foods Two will participate. “When we were in class the other day and went to research recipes I found these cute little cupcakes that look like hot chocolate in mugs. It should be fun,” Ms. Nunan said “I’m excited to see how the cupcakes come out.”  This contest will not be open to the public but The Morgan Paw Print will be keeping you updated.

Update  March 28, 2013-  The Morgan School Cupcake War Results:

-There were a total of 16 teams and individuals
-Honorable Mention went to Kate Evelyn (Junior)
-Winners were Brianna Norman and Olivia Savva (Juniors)
-The winning cupcakes:  Coconut custard with pineapple custard filling and banana cream frosting