Morgan Welcomes the Class of 2022


8th Grade Open House, Class of 2022

By Marc Catalano & Taylor DiFilippo |

Future 9th graders were officially welcomed to the Morgan family on November 28th, during Open House. They listened to Principal Keri Hagness and Vice Principal Tyler Webb and received a tour of Morgan from the Husky Leaders.

Mrs. Hagness and Mr. Webb spoke about what makes Morgan special to get the 8th graders excited to arrive on their first day in fall 2018. One of the big focuses was that Morgan is a family, and there will be a student-teacher and parent-teacher connection. Mr. Webb also introduced the 8th graders to the “Morgan Experience 3.0”, which includes “open-ended learning”, “many extracurricular activities”, “overwhelming school spirit”, and “opportunities everywhere”.

8th Graders are Introduced to the Husky Leaders

The 8th graders were introduced to C.O.R.E., representing the core beliefs of Morgan. The “C” stands for Compassion, which is what the students should feel about their peers. The “O” stands for Opportunity, which as previously stated, Morgan has a lot of. The “R” stands for relationships, which are a crux of high school life, both romantic and friendly. Finally, the “E” stands for environment because the environment at Morgan is unlike other schools.

That’s well and good, but what did the 8th graders think? With the help of sophomore and journalist Sydney Fratamico, we were able to learn the thoughts of two future students.  Eighth graders Will Curry and Julia Tanner said they were “nervous about getting lost”. Good news for them, there are people everywhere, more specifically upperclassmen and teachers that are more than happy to help new students find their destination. Furthermore, S.T.E.P., the summer orientation program, is a huge help to students. For more information on S.T.E.P., click here.

Husky Leader Showing 8th Graders Around the School

Will said he was looking forward to the “acting programs” at Morgan, and Julia was looking forward to having “a larger school”. Hopefully, they find exactly what they are looking for in Morgan and maybe other things they didn’t even think about.

Husky Leader senior Carly Schmeidler explained that “Helping others has always been something I’ve really loved, so coming here tonight, for me, was a no-brainer.”

Senior Anes Gadun stated, “I’ve really enjoyed my past four years here, so I want to help the incoming freshmen transition into the school well.”

Overall, this event seemed very well received by the 8th graders.  It couldn’t have been possible without the Husky Leaders, teachers, and others who attended and dedicated their time to helping the incoming 8th graders.

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