The Board of Education Comes To The Election


Written by Rachel Gelven |
Photos by Rachel Gelven and the National MS Society |

Disclaimer: The candidates included responded in time for this article to be published before the election. Also, I am the daughter of Democratic Candidate Erica Gelven.

On Tuesday, November 7th, The Town of Clinton will elect candidates to town offices and boards. This election day, voters will elect a first selectman and members of the Boards of Finance, Education, and Planning and Zoning. One of the most influential positions is on the Board of Education.

The Board of Education is a small group of people who are elected to discuss and make decisions about the school system. The board makes decisions about hirings and examines different issues going on right here in Morgan. This year, there are six candidates, three Democrats, two Republicans, and one Green Party candidate, who are running for the four open spots on the Board.

The three Democratic candidates are Erica Gelven, Kimberley Russo, and Jason Adler. The two Republican Candidates are Todd Pozefsky and Douglas Traynor. Finally, the Green Party candidate is Hugh Birdsall. These candidates for the Board of Ed are all trying to picket their way to victory, hopeful that they will get enough votes on Election Day.

To help the Morgan community and the rest of Clinton get to know these candidates a little more, I have asked most of them a series of questions, both education related and not.

Todd Pozefsky

  1. Political Party
    1. I am a registered Republican, though I have voted for a few Democrats along the way.
  2. What is your favorite thing about Clinton?
    1. I grew up in Upstate NY and went to school in Boston, so I feel that Clinton satisfies my desire for a tranquil (peaceful) setting while being positioned near metropolitan (city) areas like NY and Boston for visits.

      Todd Pozefsky and his wife
  3. Any hobbies?
    1. I love the outdoors! My hobbies include scuba diving, golf, hiking, travel, and much more!
  4. What makes school important?
    1. A school is not simply bricks and mortar but rather an important catalyst for thought and intellectual curiosity.  Schools are likely the first structured setting that most of us experience.  Learning clearly begins at home but should be buttressed in schools.  A great experience in school will likely keep the student in constant pursuit of learning.  I hope to learn something on every day of my life (even the last one)!
  5. Favorite color?
    1. Hunter green
  6. What do you hope to help with in terms of Morgan?
    1. I wish to be able to use my skill set in finance to assist the town to balance the primary goal of providing a superior education to its students with the realities of the limited resources available to support the goal.

Erica Gelven

  1. Political Party
    1. Image result for erica gelven
      Candidate Erica Gelven


  2. What is your favorite thing about Clinton?
    1. The people and living so close to the sea
  3. Any hobbies?
    1. Gardening, music, theater, cooking, and needlepoint
  4. What makes school important?
    1. Education is the key to all things good! Whether education refers to college, enlisting in the military, learning a skill, or gaining a new perspective on a particular topic, everything of value in the world has some connection to education.
  5. Favorite Color?
    1. Blue
  6. What do you hope to help with in terms of Morgan?
    1. I look forward most to supporting the goals and priorities of Morgan students, faculty, and staff. This is an amazing community, and it deserves the continued support of the Board of Education to maximize its potential!

I hope this helped all of you gain some perspective about these candidates. Make sure you get out and vote on November 7th!