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The Environmental Club Takes on Recycling


Written by Rachel Gelven |
Photos by Rachel Gelven and Taylor Marnett |

The Environmental Club is one of the more public-service based clubs. This is because the club and its advisors have been working hard over the years to make Morgan more environmentally aware of the world around it. Also, they usually have a handful of projects that they do over the year. This year, to start off, they are working on two goals: recycling and bulbs in the courtyard.

The concept of recycling is the largest-scale idea from the Environmental Club so far this year. They will be putting up a bulletin board, as well as making slides for the school-wide TV slideshows, to spread awareness on how to recycle properly. In addition to this, some of the slides will also be about pollution and what we can do to prevent it.

Recycling bins from two years ago

This effort for recycling is an addition to efforts that occurred last year. Last year, the Environmental Club put up posters and established some recycling bins with signs around the lunchroom and in most Morgan classrooms to promote recycling. 

However, the club members are trying to promote it even more this year.  Technology advisor Damaris Rios, and one advisor of the club will work with technology education teacher Larry Chapman and his students, specifically Andrew Emack and Kiefer Neumann, to create a custom trash and recycling system to be put in the cafeteria. They have already completed a virtual model of the bins and will start constructing the piece soon. As Ms. Rios said, this project is, ¨built by the students for the students.¨

Environmental Club sign-ups

The Environmental Club is also moving towards planting bulbs in the courtyard so that they can help plant growth and make the school more environmentally pleasing in the spring. The club is also planning to make this a fun project for members,¨We decided on a day where we´ll go out and plant, most likely an X-Block.¨ The club wants to encourage non-club members to help plant as well. ¨We´re going to have a planting party to prepare the bulbs,¨ stated chemistry and forensics teacher Karen Kaestle

If you have any ideas for the Environmental Club, they meet at 7 a.m. on Thursdays in Mrs. Kaestle´s room.  Don’t forget to recycle as much as you can!

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