Networking for your Career


Written by Lindsay Harden |

Do you want to know what to study in college? Or do you want to explore future career options?  If you are curious about the different career fields you can pursue once you leave The Morgan School, mark your calendars for the PTA Career Night: Wednesday, April 18th from 7-9 pm.

The PTA event will be set up in a very relaxed manner. It will begin with a keynote address by Quinnipiac Alumni Michelle Bailey. She has a degree in business management and also an MBA in healthcare, but her career has taken many different paths. She will be sharing how one degree can lead to a multitude of opportunities with examples in her own life. Students and their families will then be free to visit the different career professionals they want. 

The PTA plans to have stations set up by fields such as science, arts, law, medicine, and education. At these stations, there will be various professionals available to talk, mingle and answer any questions. Students who want to explore various fields but don’t have time can visit guidance to get business cards and contact information from all of the professionals who attend.

PTA Vice President Laura Colebank is very excited for this event. She said, “These mentors are excited to help students learn more about various fields by sharing their experiences, offering advice and answering questions. Many have said ‘I wish I had this opportunity when I was a student.'” PTA Board Member Andrea Reu explained that the PTA “believes that education is so much more than what you learn in the classroom” which is why this event supports everything the PTA stands for. It is an opportunity for students to learn specifically about their field in a way they cannot in the classroom.

Student Representative on the PTA and Junior Wyatt Reu said, “We have an eclectic group of people coming to talk to students. It’s going to be really low key.  You can just sit and talk with someone who majored in what you want to major in.” There will be people there from news anchors to pilots and everything in between!

The PTA program will extend and expand upon the career program offered through guidance and Andrea Kaye.  This guidance program offers mini career sessions once a month during x block.  Each session includes a guest speaker. Students who are not able to attend a specific session can visit the Career Corner page on the Guidance website to view information and a video on the career.

Eliot and Morgan students should take advantage of the PTA Career Night and explore career opportunities with the help of the professionals.