Morgan Talent: Rachel Schmardel


Written by Gavin Carlisle|
Photos by Gavin Carlisle|

Hidden talents are everywhere at The Morgan School. One of these talents is Freshman Rachel Schmardel. Rachel has a variety of talents including playing multiple instruments, acting, and singing. Rachel said “I started dancing when I was four years old. I used to go around singing when I was younger too.” Her inspiration started early, and Rachel has developed into a very talented musician, actress, and singer.

Rachel Schmardel Dab

Rachel plays the bass clarinet in band class at Morgan. She plays the recorder in a group here at Morgan that she commonly refers to as the “recorder ensemble.” However, she stated that “we haven’t met in a while.” Outside of school, she plays the guitar and piano. She does not play the piano that often, but Rachel said that “usually I go home and play guitar for an hour or so.”

Rachel has participated in many of the school plays as well. She commented that “I’ve been doing musicals and plays since I was in 2nd grade.” She has acted in Guys and Dolls, Godspell Junior, Beauty and the Beast Junior, The Music Man Junior, Snow White, and The Hobbit. She will be participating in the Morgan musical production of Hello, Dolly! on March 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th.

Rachel sings as well but stated, “I’m not part of chorus currently because I’m in the band.” She also said that I “used to do the Elm City Girls Choir when I was in 5th grade.” The Elm City Grils Choir is a girl’s choral group based in New Haven and was created in 1993. They perform in many places such as Walt Disney World, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall. They mainly travel and perform throughout North America and Europe. In the Elm City Girls Choir Rachel sang with her friend, Freshman Emma Blair. 

Rachel is not alone in her journey. She has friends and family that support her all the way. Rachel stated that “I have Emma Blair. She sings. We did Elm City together; Taylor Gregory, she plays bell percussion; Alyse Olcott, she does percussion; and Andrew Daly, he plays trombone.” Her family is also supportive of her. She said that “my parents always go to every single concert and performance I’ve ever had; they’re really supportive, and it’s fantastic.”

Andrew Daly
Andrew Daly

Rachel’s peers are supportive of her too. Freshman Andrew Daly said, “Rachel is definitely a good musician. Last year she won both the chorus and band award.” Also, Freshman Logan Cummings stated,”I have heard that she is very skilled in music and that she is very good at acting.”  Many people can agree that Rachel is very talented. In the future, try and give her as much support as you can as she continues to develop as a musician, singer, and actress.