Morgan Talent: Emma Blair


Written by Gavin Carlisle |
Photos by Gavin Carlisle |

Freshman Emma Blair is a very talented singer. She is a member of the Elm City Girls’ Choir and the Morgan chorus.

Emma has sung in the school chorus for a few years. She sang in the Pierson Chorus during 4th and 5th grade. She never sang in the Eliot Chorus, but currently, she is singing in the Morgan Chorus. She has performed in the annual concerts hosted by the school chorus, such as the fall and winter concerts.


Emma Blair

Emma has been in the Elm City Girls’ Choir since fourth grade, so this is her sixth year in the choir. The Elm City Girl’s Choir is a girl’s choral group based in New Haven and the choir was created in 1993. They perform in many places such as Walt Disney World, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall. They mainly travel and perform throughout North America and Europe. When asked about her role in the Elm City Girls’ Choir, Emma stated, “in the Elm City Girls’ Choir, I am in the top division known as Camerata, and I have a lot of leadership responsibilities. I conduct for the younger groups, and I teach them music theory; I also do very vigorous things with them. We sang at Carnegie Hall last year and we’re singing there again this year.”

Rachel Schmardel

Emma has support from everywhere-her teachers, friends, and family. One of her friends, Freshman Rachel Schmardel, used to perform in the Elm City Girls’ Choir and in the school chorus from 4th-5th grade. She said, “Emma Blair is one of the most talented if not the most talented vocal musician that I know. She has a beautiful voice and is in the top tier of the Elm City Girls’ Choir, which is an incredible feat.”

Jenna Kareliussen

Another one of Emma’s friends, Freshman Jenna Kareliussen, sings in the Morgan Chorus with Emma. She said, “Emma is absolutely one of my best friends, and I think she is one of the most talented people I know, especially in music and in academics too because she is so intelligent; she has the creativity and the talent to sing like a famous person.”
Emma is excited to continue singing in the future. She stated she is considering taking some music courses in college and possibly finding a career in music. Make sure to support her as she continues to grow and develop as a singer in the future.