Climbing the Ladder: Marco Famigletti


famiglietti-marco-asst-superWritten by Lindsay Harden |
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With the retirement of former Superintendent Jack Cross, former Assistant Superintendent Maryann O’Donnell stepped up and took his place. But with that promotion who is there to take her place? The answer is new Assistant Superintendent Marco Familgetti. Mr. Familgetti shared his thoughts on Morgan and the Clinton Public School System.

Mr. Famigletti  became a teacher in 1992. His plan was to become an Italian teacher because he was “very passionate about his heritage”. He wanted to spend part of his time in Italy, but sadly those plans fell through. Despite this setback Mr. Famigletti continued teaching and became certified in grades 4-8. He said his career in education “evolved from there”.

Before he came to Clinton, Mr. Famigletti was a building principal for ten years. He recently completed his certification for the superintendency, and he was “looking for the next move in [his] career” so he found a website called CT Reap where he saw an opening for an administrator position. He explained the community really drew him to Clinton. “It was a small middle-class community that had family values and a traditional New England feel that is very close to my heart,” explains Famigletti. The New England charm and community that makes Clinton so special is the main reason  Famigletti came to Clinton.

Mr. Famigletti started his teaching career at Newington Children’s Hospital School. He worked with kids with a variety of disabilties. He then taught at Stafford Springs for 4 years before teaching 8th grade science in Avon. From there, he worked his way up to being an adminsitrator.

Famigletti describes his favorite part of his job as “having a positive impact on students” and “helping kids get inspired”. He believes that as a central office administrator,  he can aid in the process of helping teachers inspire students. He enjoys working with both the teachers and the students.

So there you have it! It looks like Mr. Famigletti is a great choice to fill the shoes of former Assistant Superintendent Maryann O’Donnell. Clinton is very excited to have him.