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    All You Need is Music


    Written by Karla Rivadeneira |
    Pictures by Karla Rivadeneira |

    On Saturday, November 5th, a group of dedicated students who take either Chorus or Band auditioned for the Connecticut Music Educators Association or CMEA Southern Regional Chorus. Students along the southern region of Connecticut are allowed to participate in it. Students can audition to be in Chorus, Jazz Band, Band, or Orchestra. Last year, Morgan sent 5 students to Regionals.

    This year 9 students auditioned:

    Freshman: Will Roberts

    Sophomores: Matthew Ford and Max Hurtubise

    Juniors: Brett Martin, Stephen Zumpano, and Grace Devries

    Seniors: Sarah Jackson, Claudia Neddermann, and Karla Rivadeneira

    Students who auditioned for the Chorus prepared an Italian Art piece, sing two scales, and sight-sing. Sopranos sang the song Per la gloria d’adorarvi, Altos: Se tu m’ami se sospiri, Tenors: Gia il sole dal Gange, Bass: Vittoria, mio core!

    The Southern Regional Festival will take place on January 13 & 14, 2017 at Middletown High School. Members who are selected have two days of rehearsal with a concert at the end of the second day.

    Sophomore Max Hurtubise, who auditioned for the second time, said, “Honestly, love doing these things…it can help me get into college if I decide to major in music. I just think it’s a wonderful experience and more people should try it out.”

    Students who auditioned for the first time found the audition process to be very hectic. Junior Stephen Zumpano thought, “It was very quick. It seemed like you were in a vortex and you just do what you are supposed to do and get out. It was very surreal.”

    The process, however was different this year. Students remained in one room, opposed to the years where they had to switch rooms. Another change was that everything was electronic. They used a computer to give us our pitch, instead of playing it on a piano, or on a pitch pipe.

    Senior Claudia Neddermann shared her experience and said,”It was really good. I had a great time and I think my solo went really well. I like having the solos, the scales, and sight singing in one room now.”

    We congratulate the students who are now a part of the 2017 Southern Regional Choir!


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