Morgan Class of 2013: Where are They Now?


Written By Natalie Buchetto|
Photo By Virtual Tour Eastern CT State University 

As the class of 2017 gets ready to depart The Morgan School, the Morgan class of 2013 who are also seniors are getting ready to leave college. I had the privilege of interviewing two of the class of 2013 students, Frank Rivas and Ron Buchetto, who both attend Eastern Connecticut State University, and are roommates.

ronnie-and-frankie-pic-4-this-oneRon told me that he was applying for college again to obtain his master’s degree. His advice to the high school seniors who are applying now is, “It can be overwhelming, but don’t be afraid to ask for help from the people around you. If you’re bothering them, they’ll say no, until they say that, keep asking. ‘What is college life like?’ It’s a whole new world. When you first get to college, get involved. Don’t hide in your dorm room all day. College is a reset button. Everything that happened in high school is forgotten. You can be whoever you want to be and recreate yourself.” Ron also said the essential skill for college is time management. “College has so much free time. You have class and then free time. What you do in your free time is  up to you.”

Frank said, “Not one specific lesson sticks out that I can remember [from Morgan],but working in groups is important as there are numerous group projects in college. Presentations are also important to better prepare for college.”  As for college life, he advised,  “expand your friend group. Don’t live with someone you know your freshman year. Join clubs and enjoy your weekends and socialize.”

As I  get ready to leave high school and start a new chapter in my life, this advice has helped. For all seniors, good luck with your college search and enjoy your last year.