Small Steps for Students – Large Steps for The Morgan School


Written by Melissa Sullivan |

The STEP program is stepping up starting next school year. As everyone knows the program helps the ninth graders transition into their first year of high school. The Morgan School will be involving students more to make STEP more of a leadership program. Principal Keri Hagness and Guidance Counselor Janice O’Brien are  the biggest advocates for the incoming freshmen and the student leaders.

There will be new levels of leadership experience for each grade. 9th grade will be the STEP program participants. During this three day orientation program, the freshmen will get  an introduction to the school using team building activities, assemblies and different types of classroom activities. 10th-12th graders will have the opportunity to be a “Husky Buddy.” Each Husky Buddy upperclassman will help one freshman through the three day program. Husky Buddies will receive one day of training.

The Husky Leader Program is an opportunity for 11th and 12th graders to work on leadership. The program provides many opportunities for students to work on goals for the week and the objectives for the year. Each quarter there will be different tasks for the students involved including exploring leadership style, challenging themselves as a leader, making things happen, and leading Morgan into the future. 


The last available program is mentoring. Students in 10th-12th grade who have leadership potential can have the opportunity to work in pairs with the ninth grade advisory for the first semester. 11th and 12th graders also can be mentoring chairs which includes communicating with the other mentors and leading discussions during mentor meetings. 

These programs are a great opportunity for all students to get involved.  Students who have the qualities of a leader and want to share their skills with others should consider these opportunities. Anyone interested in STEP and or mentoring remember to turn your application into guidance. There will be a quick meeting after school on Thursday, April 28th for all interested students. STEP will be August 16th,17th, and the 18th, we hope to see everyone there!