You are what you eat


Written by Anthony Janiszcak|

Do you enjoy the school lunches here at Morgan? Do you feel like the food is healthy? From a student’s perspective, the food here at Morgan isn’t the “best” for you, considering how much of it is pre-made and preserved for freshness. But not all of us here think the same.

Head of English department Paul Serenbetz said, “If you are what you eat then I am a school lunch“. Mr. Serenbetz has been eating the school lunch here for 38 years. He is quick to tell me that his favorite school lunches are the turkey dinner, pasta, chicken dinner, and the pork patty. When I asked him if he thinks the school lunches have declined in quality over the past few years, he said, “No, because of Michelle Obama the lunches now are a lot more  nutritiousIMG_9971 with a variety of fruits and vegetables.” Mr. Serenbetz also likes that they switched to whole grain breads, added more fresh fruit, and put a lot more vegetables into the menu, making it healthier than the previous years .

Even though Mr. Serenbetz likes the food here at Morgan, many students would disagree with his opinion. Senior here at The Morgan School, Conor Crowley thinks that the school lunch has declined in quality since elementary school at Joel. Conor expresses that the food can not be healthy for you because its “processed”. He doesn’t like the hot lunches here at Morgan, but he does like the salads and sandwiches that are available to us here.  Another Senior here at Morgan and journalist for the Morgan PawPrint Greg Ellal also agrees with Conor, saying the grinders and salads are the best thing here.

With lots of opinions on this topic only you can really decide what you think. Is the food Healthy? Is that mystery meat really chicken? Do you eat your veggies? Is the hot lunch worth 3 dollars? The answer is within you.