What teachers expect on Junior portfolio presentation day.

Written by Cameron Sheehan|
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Junior portfolio presentations will take place on Friday, April 15th. Juniors can never have enough practice for the presentation. Passing the Junior Portfolio Presentation is a graduation requirement.   Taking  AP classes, the  SAT test and completing  the Junior Portfolio Presentation helps juniors prepare for life beyond Morgan.

There are several skills assessed on the school-wide rubrics: reading, writing, speaking, problem solving, listening/viewing, use of technology, and creative expression. Teachers  shared their recommendations  for the  Junior Portfolio Presentations:

Science teacher Karen Kaestle : When students are presenting their junior portfolio on presentation day, they need to be prepared and they should not read directly from the script. It is better to have a conversation with the board instead of reading it straight off paper. Some of her favorite things about being part of the panel for junior portfolio are discovering new talents in students. She also likes seeing how students have grown throughout the years.

presentationday_551468fe4f9f7Technology Education teacher Mr. Enoch: When the students are presenting it is better to not read from the script and to be confident in their work, and they do their best to not be nervous when they are presenting. He enjoys watching and seeing students show their accomplishments over the years . He likes to see how much they have changed and improved.

English teacher and program chair Mr. Serenbetz: When presenting on Junior portfolio presentation day students should be prepared to have 7 to 14 signed rubrics.  They should be comfortable and confident with their growth. Even if they score the same level on the rubrics, a student can still show growth because the classes they take get harder. He also advises students to rehearse the presentation with a student or parent so the student is familiar with what he is  presenting upon presentation day. Some things he enjoys about being on the panel is working with other district faculty and hearing kids who are well prepared for their presentations.

For More advice about Junior Portfolio, read the advice of seniors who passed Junior Portfolio: Tips For Junior Portfolio.

For rubrics, general information, planning, and student checklist check out: Junior Portfolio Information.



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