Anything Really Does Go


Written by Sam Pansa,
Photos by Amber Vuilleumier  |

Anything Goes was Morgan School’s musical this year, featuring a very talented cast and crew. There is a lot that goes into putting on a musical, but it all pays off in the end when the cast takes final bows to an applauding audience.

The opening night was on Thursday, March 17th. The cast took to the stage to show  the audience the results of  all the hard work. The band hallway smelled like hairspray and was clogged with the noise of excited chatter. To an outsider it would have seemed like everybody was dressed for the wrong century. With half an hour remaining before the curtain opened, the cast shuffled into the band room for some pre-show traditions.

Time seems to stop while on stage, all the scenes morphing together. Eventually the last scene comes on and the final song is sung. The cast bows, smiles on their faces, relief evident that nothing went wrong on stage. The curtain closes and cheers erupt from the excited yet exhausted cast.

Hard work aside, the musical is an experience like nothing else. We, the cast, work together to make the show as great as it can possibly be. Though everybody is tired at the end of the run, nobody can deny that it is an event of life changing quality. The musical has celebrated a successful fifty years of entertaining The Morgan School and will continue on in the new Morgan.