Class of 2017’s Senior Prom: Sink or Float?


Written by Emily Sordo and Hannah Gaudet|
Photos via The Spirit and Nova Tours|

The Class of 2017’s Junior Prom is at Amarantes Sea Cliff  in New Haven on June 3rd, but the class is already planning their senior prom. The biggest controversy is our senior prom location: should it be on a cruise boat or not? The plan regarding this boat involves all of the seniors arriving at Morgan a few hours before the boat leaves and taking coach buses to the dock in Stamford. This boat, The Spirit, can fit over 350 people and has 4 decks, an observation deck, an empire deck,  a horizon deck, and a mariner deck.

Spirit Cruise Boat

      The pros of going on the boat include not having to pay for any limos or bus services, class unity, no drama, and it would be a good experience. 2017 Class Advisor and Library Media Specialist Shannon Robinson says “I think it’s something new and different that hasn’t been done before, I think it brings the class together. More of an evening event, it kind of forces everyone to

Inside the boat

spend time together.” Another pro would be that it promotes a safe prom since no one can leave. They would not be able to go to a party until much later after the prom.

The cons of going on the boat include mainly the price. Tickets would be approximately $125 but with fundraising, the price will decrease. Another con is since it is  on a boat, students will not be able to leave. For those who have sea sickness, having prom on a boat might not appeal to them.

The cruise ships dining room

If students want to have the prom on the boat, all the parents need to be involved. There will eventually be a parent meeting if most of the students are interested in pursuing this idea. One student, Junior Lindsay Harden, thinks the boat would be a good idea only if the boat stayed in state rather than sailed out of state in New York. Junior Matt Capece says he personally would not mind having the prom on a boat, but he wants to look out for others who may not enjoy having it at that location. Finally, Junior Jordyn Suraci is afraid the weather will not cooperate. “Everyone has it stuck in their head that it’s going to be like the eighth grade ship [the dinner theater cruise that we took in Eliot] where everyone is going to be crammed.” What do you think?

The deck

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