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Wrestling Your Weigh to Victory


Written by Kyle Neumann|
Photos by Kyle Neumann|

Wrestling is a sport involving grappling type techniques such as throws and takedowns, joint locks , pins and other grappling holds. When asked, Morgan Wrestling Coach Erik Liese said,” I feel that wrestling is very different than any other sport. It takes a strong willed individual to not only finish a season, but to be successful in the sport. There Is no team member to rely on and no luck involved; no Hail Marys or buzzer beaters. If you win, then you are the best wrestler. If you lose, then all you can do is keep your head up and train harder.”

Most of the wrestling practices are two and a half hours long. They consist of running, stretching, live wrestling, and technique instruction. Although these practices are repetitive, it is necessary for the team to master the sport.

A picture of Trevor Follo in the top position

There are many rules of wrestling. The main rules are based of the three positions: top, bottom, or neutral. Neutral is when both wrestlers are on their feet. The goal is to take the opponent down. The goal of the top position is to turn the opponent on his back and ultimately pin him. The goal of the bottom position is to escape.

The goal of wrestling is to earn more points than the opponent or to pin him. The list below informs explains how wrestlers can earn points.

  • Pin or fall: Victory- end of match
  • Takedown: 2 points

  • Escape: 1 point

  • Reversal: 2 points

  • Near fall: 2 points if the wrestler holds his opponent for two seconds; 3 points if he holds his opponent for five seconds or more

  • Illegal hold: 1 point for the wrestler’s opponent

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct: 1 point for your opponent

  • Unnecessary roughness: 1 point for the wrestler’s opponent

  • Stalling: 1 point for the wrestler’s opponent after the wrestler receives one warning; disqualification on the fifth stalling violation

The coach said that this year his team is very young, but that doesn’t mean the members don’t work hard. He also said that they are very instinctive with wrestling basics and use them in practice.

Captain Malik Shipman in the bottom position

On 12/19/15, the Morgan Wrestling team went to Derby High School for a wrestling meet. Each varsity wrestler is given two lives. The competitors wrestle different opponents till they lose both of their lives. the number of people they wrestle is different for each person depending if a school can supply them with someone to wrestle. Morgan ended up finishing second at the Derby Invitational. The Morgan Wrestling team had eight medalists. Most of which were champions meaning that they received first place. Captains Rob Consiglio and Malik Shipman took home first place, and Ivan Villanueva took home second place. Coach Liese said, “It was our best finish in years.” This was the team’s first meet of the season.

Come support the Morgan Wrestlers by coming to one of their tournaments or duals.

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