Hypnotist Show 2015


Written by Sophia Muce and Melanie Coretti|
Videos by Melanie Coretti

Thursday November 12th, 2015, Jim Spinnato came to The Morgan School to help raise money for Project Grad 2016. He is a hypnotist that travels around the country doing shows. Spinnato has been coming to the school for years. On Thursday, seniors had the opportunity to volunteer to be hypnotized for the night.

Sixteen students went up and were successfully hypnotized.  Under hypnosis, the students did things that they never would have thought of doing in front of a crowd. After the show, the students had no recollection of what they had done and thought they were up there for only a few minutes, even though it had been just under two hours.

Here are some videos from the show:

[wpvideo CTTr8Uol]

[wpvideo LaxtiWnh]

[wpvideo MS0Ztq6K]

[wpvideo J0YhcTMR]

[wpvideo ueDas6nt]

[wpvideo QkTAGfw9]

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[wpvideo USGoLkT6]

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[wpvideo wCyDG7YA]

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