Hypnotizing: Does It Work?

Written by Sophia Muce and Melanie Coretti |

On November 12th at 7:00 pm in The Morgan School Auditorium, Jim Spinnato is coming to our school to do a hypnotist show. Tickets are $10 and will be sold at the door. Anyone can attend and volunteer to be hypnotized.

This is not the first time Spinnato has come to our school. He came last year and hypnotized students from all grades. We interviewed two students that have been hypnotized by Spinnato before.Hypnotist Show

Sophomore Jordan McMillan volunteered to be hypnotized last year, when she was a freshman. She claims that she doesn’t remember being hypnotized. “It was weird seeing myself doing things that I don’t remember in videos”. We asked her why she volunteered, and she replied, “because my friend dared me to do it”. She said that she probably would not volunteer again because she felt “embarrassed”.

Senior Brendan Kyhn was also hypnotized last year when he was a junior. He does not remember anything, but he says, “I just remember Hypnotist Showgoing up there and thinking it would be fake. All I remember is him trying to put us in a deep sleep. Then I remember looking up at him asking ‘when is it starting?'”. He volunteered for the same reason as McMillan. When asked if he would do it again, Kyhn replied, “Yes I think I would. I felt kind of tired afterwards, though”.

We hope to see you at the Hypnotist Show on Thursday! Read about last year’s show in a previous article, The Hypnotist Returns.

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