The Morgan Band Going With The Flow

Written By Kiara Suarez and Tatiana Serrano
Photos Taken By Kiara Suarez

On October 22, 2019, at 7:30 pm, The Morgan Band performed its first concert of the year.

Band Director, Mr. Smith Conducting The Band

The Morgan Band performed 8 selections. The audience was not disappointed. Parents and family filled up the balcony and most of the ground floor of the auditorium. The piece “Santana!” received the most applause.

The 2019 Band Concert Program

Raymond Smith, the director of the band, stated that he is excited to continue working with these students. He said that the band had “a good rehearsal for them prior to a concert.” Mr Smith also said, “I could see they have gotten better, and we have good goals for this year too”.

Mr. Smith believes that choosing the selections are an “Interesting thing for the director to choose for the group.” He said, “You need to have a variety of selections, or at least I think you should have a variety of selections different genres, ballads, marches, some things that are slow, some things that are fast, some things that kids/ parents don’t know, some things popular they do know”.

The Morgan Band will be performing for the Veterans Day Assembly on November 11th at 10am. The next night concert will be performed at The Morgan School auditorium on December 12th at 7:30pm, along with an upcoming chorus concert on November 19th at 7pm.

Come out and show your support the Morgan arts.

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