Shoreline Students March for Their Lives

Written by James Saturno|
Photos by Wyatt Reu|

On March 24th, thousands, including Morgan students, teachers, and administrators, took to the streets in Guilford to make their voices heard in favor of gun reform.

Senior Wyatt Reu organized a bus trip “because [he] thought it would be a good opportunity for kids from the school to participate in the march” The bus carried 15 students to the event and was accompanied by AP Gov teacher Chris Zawadski, who chaperoned in order to “support the political activism of our young students.”

The Shoreline’s “March for Our Lives” featured local performers, speeches from students, including Morgan’s own junior Ella Franzoni and sophomore Allison Goguen, and an appearance from Senator Chris Murphy. Protesters of all ages came to raise their voice in favor of safer schools and a safer nation.

Junior Ella Franzoni, who spoke at the event, said,  “I think everyone has their own message, and a lot of people are asking for a bunch of different things, so I’m not necessarily sure what the right message is or what the wrong message is, as long as the common message is that we need more gun control”

Overall, the march was positive, peaceful, and serious. As many in the media and among protesters have noted, this most recent round of gun control demonstrations seems to have a new life. No longer are the youth of our nation sitting idly by while their elders push for reform. Whether it be the walkouts or the marches, the children are leading the charge towards change.

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