Spanish National Honors Society Induction 2014

Written by Charlotte Limosani |

Spanish is a language that is very helpful to know and will definitely come in handy in the future. Spanish also is one class that is taught by some of the best teachers at The Morgan School. Once a student has accomplished and become advanced with speaking the Spanish language, they may be inducted into the Spanish National Honors Society. Last year I was inducted into the society, and it was a very nice experience with a great ceremony.

This year, fourteen new members were inducted- thirteen juniors: Kayla Burt, Kevin Daley, Michael Fiorillo, Catlen Goss, Cara Morello, Kathryn Mozzochi, Nola Neri, Kelsey Novak, Emily Popp, Anngela Rienzo, Stephanie Smallshaw, John Michael Van Ness, Albert Viglione, and one senior: Tulsi Patel. These students joined the eighteen previous students inducted into the Spanish National Honors Society last year. During the induction, there are students in the society who read parts of the inauguration. The students who spoke this year at the induction are Brian Gendron,Tori Hopkins, Jenna Egan, Kelsey Donaldson, Lacie Helfer, Jen Dawson, Celia Lacross, and Kelly Thompson.

“Being inducted into the Spanish National Honor Society is a very big accomplishment,” says Spanish teacher Susan Peterson, ” Students being inducted have a commitment to learning another language and are able to embrace that and another culture as well. You get recognized not only for getting into an upper level Spanish class, but excelling in it.”

Congratulations to everyone who has been inducted to the Spanish National Honors Society!


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One response to “Spanish National Honors Society Induction 2014

  1. I don’t think a lot of people know about the spanish national honors society so this article is a good way for more people to hear about it. Also I think if underclassman read this they will feel motivated to do well in Spanish and try to make it into NHS. This article was well written and very informative and came from a good source because Charlotte was inducted last year.


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