What Freshmen Should Know About Homecoming 2014

Written by: Mikaela Gaudet |

pep rallyHomecoming 2014-15 will take place on Monday November 10th through Saturday November 15. So why do we have a homecoming? Mrs. Robinson said that “Homecoming is a good way to build up school unitity, and a great time for us to work together.”

Freshman Maya Kadel said “I’m excited for homecoming, and I’m looking forward to my first dance.”

Each grade is assigned a theme for its homecoming float for the float parade on Saturday.  The freshmen theme is The Polar Express; The sophomore theme is Disney Fairytale. The junior theme is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the senior theme is Dr. Seuss.

Float buliding is during the week of Homecoming after school from 5-7. Teachers and students bring in old furniture, recycleables, and anything they wish to make the floats as creative as possible.

Each grade will also elect a prince and princess to represent its class on its float in order to run for Homecoming court, students must be involved in a club or sport and take part in float building. Also students must have a limited amount of tardies and absences. Charlotte Limosani a Homecoming princess from last year said, “homecoming is a lot of fun and it’s a good time to work together as a school.” Anyone can vote for whoever they wish to be homecoming Queen, King, Prince, and Princess for the Senior class, and a Prince and Princess for each other class. Teachers rely on students when voting to make it about school spirit and not about popularity. So as a student,cast your vote for the students who are dedicated to Morgan.

During the week of Homecoming, each day has a theme to promote school spirit. Students participate by dressing for each theme day.

Monday=Twin Day

Tuesday=Blast from the Past

Wednesday=Senior Citizen Day

Thursday=Class Colors

Friday=Blue Out for pep rally

For more information about last year’s pep rally and senior entrance, visit A Homecoming Pep Rally Like No Other.

7 responses to “What Freshmen Should Know About Homecoming 2014

  1. This article was really well written! It has a lot of information for underclassmen to learn about homecoming, including the float and the dance. This info on spirit week it definitely helpful as well as the different float themes. Nice job!


  2. This was a nice article. It is nice that you added the information for Spirit Week as well. It had a lot information that I didn’t know when I was a freshman last year during Homecoming. I am looking forward to this year’s homecoming.


  3. I wish there was an article like this last year before homecoming! Im really excited for spirit week and hopefully homecoming will be even better this year than last


  4. The week of homecoming is a lot of fun and this article informs the freshman that it’s a lot more then just the homecoming dance. This article explains how homecoming improves unity and tells all the spirit day themes. It explains how to vote for homecoming titles and the themes for the floats. I hope this article gets the freshman excited for homecoming.


  5. I found this article very helpful. The float themes are very creative, my favorite is the Polar Express theme. I am looking forward to spirit week also!


  6. I like how accurate this article is, you did a really good job gathering information such as the class float themes! This makes me really excited for spirit week and homecoming!


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