Terrific Twos

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Troy Ruberio (left) and Tyler Ruberio (right)

Written by Tasha Walker |

The small town of Clinton has a large  number of siblings close in age to each other. As a senior now, I have seen numerous pairs and even groups of three siblings go through Morgan together. Although familiar with many siblings, an aspect of family relations that we commonly forget about is twins!


Cooper and Kait Anderson

The senior class has a booming total of six pairs of siblings: Kait and Cooper Anderson, Nina and Chris Taylor, Talia and Joe Biddle, Tyler and Troy Ruberio, Alex and Frank Barabas, and Curtis and Taylor Iovene. The junior class has only two pairs: Kevin and Darcy LaFrance and Noah and Liam Neri. Lastly, the freshman class has a mere one pair of twins: Henry and Thomas Southwood. There are also the freshman triplets; Luke, Tyler, and Matt Newfield- although Luke does not attend Morgan.

As a senior, I have had the chance to get to know the six sets of twins in my grade. It has been interesting watching them grow together and seeing their similarities and differences as individuals, as well as pairs. Senior Kait Anderson laughs when I ask her opinion on being a twin. She explains, “I forget I’m a twin half the time. It’s actually pretty cool, though. There is always someone there for you.”


Chris and Nina Taylor

Freshman Tyler Newfield also had some positive insight on being a triplet, one of three brothers. “It’s always good to have brothers that have brothers that have your back.” On the flipside, Senior Frank Barabas expressed a slightly more negative side to being a twin. “Sometimes its hard being a twin, having to share everything. I’ve always had a sibling around, though, which I guess is nice.”




2 responses to “Terrific Twos

  1. This article was very interesting! I loved the images of some of the twins! The interviews were funny, and reading about their opinions on having a twin in the school is very different!


  2. I like this article a lot, I had no clue there were this many pairs of twins in our school, its pretty cool. I especially wasn’t aware that there were six pairs of twins in the senior class!


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