Hats in School: What is the Official Ruling?

Matt Granfield, Senior

Senior – Matt Granfield

By Jonah Morello |

On the first day of school, all four grades gathered together and seated themselves in the auditorium. As everyone settled, Mrs. Hagness took the stage and prepared to make a statement. With everyone listening intently, we as a school were told that the dress code had been changed from the previous year. It had not changed for the better, rather, it had changed for the worse in the opinion of many. Students murmured among themselves about what changes had been made, and then as the final rule was read, the auditorium erupted into a roar. The ability to wear hats in school had been removed, and there were consequences if you did not follow the rule. If you chose to wear one, they would be taken and possibly confiscated. This new rule has been enforced through much of the year, but as we have moved along through the first semester, my peers and I have noticed that there is a double standard hovering around the rule.

This double standard I have noticed has become known not only by me but also by fellow students. It is really an unfair rule for us as students, as others are allowed to wear hats in the building. Many of the janitors as well as students wear hats daily, and it has sparked commotion in much of the student body. After talking to many students, there were some different opinions all around. Many of the students I talked to have had their hats taken as a result of them wearing them in the school. They believe that if the janitors and students are allowed to wear hats, they should be allowed to wear their hats as well.

Two of the three students I spoke to stated that they believed the rule was unfair. One of them, Matt Granfield, said, “I don’t really mind that the janitors or other students wear their hats in the school. However, with that being said, I think that if they can wear them, why can’t we?” The other student, Tanner Romanos, said, “I think the rule is unfair and that we should be allowed to wear hats like some other students. I also think that the janitors should not have seniority.” However, when I spoke with the third student, he had a different view on the situation. Jason Comeau stated, “I do think it [the rule] is fair. The janitors are not a reflection of how the Morgan School is viewed  by the community, and they don’t represent the school as a whole.”

Jason Comeau, Senior

Senior – Jason Comeau

With the students’ opinions in hand, I decided to speak with Mr. Webb who I have seen enforce the hat rule many times before as that is his job. Mr. Webb had much to say about the topic, and he cleared up many things that have been somewhat confusing to the students. When I asked Mr. Webb about the janitors wearing their hats he said, “Mr. Guertin was asked to remove his hat last week. I personally spoke with him about wearing it in the school, and he was asked to remove it.” When I asked him about the issue of other students wearing beanies or winter hats in school, he stated that, “In conference with Mrs. Hagness, we have decided to have a bit of leniency with the rule being that the school is cold at times during this season.” Finally, when I asked him about what hats would be removed he said, “Billed hats are part of the policy, which means they have to be removed as I have to follow that per the Board of Education…anything over the eyes or over the face is included in the policy.”

With Mr. Webb’s statements, many of the problems have been cleared up. In regard to some students thinking it was unfair, including me, it is a good to learn that the rule is being enforced throughout the entire school now. Also, the school is colder at this time of year, which does allow for beanies or winter hats to be worn. However, Mr. Webb said that once the weather begins to get warmer, the beanies and winter hats will also be removed. Now that all the confusion has been cleared up, everyone including myself, now has a better understanding of the new rule that was brought about this year. But, with the new rule being in place, do you still think we should be able to wear hats? Or do you think that the school is better without hats? Leave your opinion on the poll below and let us know what you think in the comments section as well.

6 responses to “Hats in School: What is the Official Ruling?

  1. Jonah, this article is very well written and I’m glad you decide to write about this “controversy” in our school. I was impressed that you went straight to the source, Mr. Webb, and i’m sure the readers of the paw print will appreciate it. I also like how you added a poll in your article!


  2. Great article Jonah! I agree that the hat dress code needs to be enforced for all the students or none of the students, and nothing in between. It’s always nice to hear the administrations response to the flaws in the rules imposed.


  3. I think you did a great job writing this article and its great to see someone finally using there power of speech to speak up for the student body!


  4. Great job with the article Jonah. I think it’s really good that someone finally brought this up and cleared some issues instead of everyone just being in the dark about it


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