The Wonderful World Of Art

Written by Vuong Truong |

There are many kinds of art: painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media. Art can capture our imagination, thoughts or skills.

art 1 imagesCA08OGIU imagesCACII32W imagesCAFR170M imagesCANAZMXS imagesCAOE18N5 Photos via

The pictures above are examples of different kinds of art. The 3-D pictures are cool because they look real.

At Morgan the art courses offered are Introduction to Art, Sculpture, Drawing and Painting, and Advanced Drawing.  Introduction to Art helps any beginner with art. This is required before taking Advanced Drawing or any other art courses. Art makes us feel comfortable and relaxed because we release our spirits into the art and our creative projects.

I interviewed some students in Mrs. Neri’s class to find out what they think about art and why they take art classes. Liam Meechan who is Mrs. Neri’s student,  said he thought art is wonderful, and he likes to draw.  That’s the reason he took an art class. Art is a good program and Lily Dawson said that Mrs. Neri knows what she is doing. “She critiques art well.”

First, take some time to look at the work on display in the art cases. Second, consider taking an art class.

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Artwork can be found in classrooms throughout the school. Student can express themselves in projects. Peer Advocates and Art club are also have art on display. Below some pictures from artwork some different art classrooms.

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Also take a look to the right of the Morgan PawPrint Home Page, there are  some creative projects from Mrs. Corbetts’ and Mr. Enochs’ classes.

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