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Honors vs College Prep: A Teachers Point Of View


Written by Meghan Schulze |

If you have ever considered advancing to an honors class from college prep, or if your honors class is too difficult and you think you want to switch to a CP level class, read further for  teachers’ perspectives on the differences between the two levels.

Miss RizzoIn the history department, there is no longer a college prep level class. It is now combined with the level 1 or career class.

According to Social Studies Program Chair Diana Rizzo, both levels learn the same content, but the honors and AP level classes go more in depth with the material at a much faster rate. This also means that honors and AP classes will have more homework to assist in retaining the material learned in class.

The expectations for both levels are the same, but they are graded on what is appropriate for that class.The tests and quizzes in both levels are the same but will continue to “match their cognitive abilities.”

As for the science department, the classes move at about the same pace, but honor classes go more in depth. Mr. Luther

According to Mathematics and Science Program Chair and biology teacher Christopher Luther, both levels are graded with the same lab and project rubric, however, there are greater expectations for the honors classes.

The amount of homework assigned to both level classes is the same.

According to English teacher Heather O’Brien, both levels learn the same material but “in different ways”, meaning the honors class might be reading one book while the CP class is reading a different book, but both levels will read some of the same books eventually. The vocabulary quizzes are the same as well as the quizzes. In English classes, the homework amount is the same but the difficulty may vary.

The math teachers were unable to attend an interview. According to some students, the work load and the content is the main difference.The CP classes are easier and go at a slower pace. Advanced Placement classes have to prepare for the AP exam at the end of the year. For the honors level, students feel that they are graded the same as CP. The expectations are greater, and their class goes at a faster pace than CP, but the material is the same.

AP is graded differently than CP. Tests are graded as if they are the AP test.

To see other students thoughts, read Honors vs College Prep or That’s so AP

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