New School, New Dreams


Written by Vivian Tran and Jadan Washington|
Photographs by Mrs. Hagness|

“The school is on the right track!  As long as the weather is good, we will be way ahead of schedule,” explains Principal Keri Hagness.  Mrs. Hagness discussed the progress of the new school as well as some of the cool innovations that it will have.

The new Morgan School is going to be bigger and better than our current school. Mrs. Hagness answered each question about the new school with bubbling excitement. Some of the biggest changes to the school are going to be the gymnasium, auditorium, and the cafeteria. Our cafeteria is going to be transformed and turned into something that resembles more of a food court or college campus. She mentioned that there will be varied seating that includes diner booths, circular tables, and bar seating with charging stations. Mrs. Hagness’ favorite addition to the school is the outdoor amphitheater that will be located off of the cafeteria. This addition will be available as an outdoor classroom or place for eating.

The auditorium will also be enlarged and will include balcony seating and great sound or  “state of the art acoustics” as Mrs. Hagness described it.  The gym will get a big makeover, and it will be large enough for The Morgan School to hold any Shoreline or state championships.

The new school hopes to solve some of the issues efficiently. If you are a student of The Morgan School, or an alumni, you know how unreliable the technology here can be, but there is hope that the new building will vastly improve that issue. Mrs. Hagness is hoping to have a 1 to 1 initiative which will match up each student with a tablet or laptop. If that plan does not go through, then there will be multiple carts of tablets and laptops available in each wing of the school.

Another issue that the school hopes to tackle is that of the parking lot. The parking lot at the new school will be greatly improved; According to Site Director Joe Crouse,there are going to be a total of 340 parking spaces with 220 spaces designated for students

Do you remember the banner that Mrs. Hagness had all of the current Morgan staff and students sign? Well that banner will be placed into a time capsule that will be at the new school. Mrs. Hagness is hoping to get feedback from students about some other things that can be placed into the capsule. If you have any time capsule suggestions, get in touch with Reporter Jadan Washington at [email protected].

Although most decisions concerning the new school  are made, there is still room for changes. In the near future, Mrs. Hagness hopes to establish a group of students who can provide their opinions and ideas on final details such as the furniture in the classrooms.