Grab Your Poems – Friendly Competition on February 6th


Written by Jensen Garcia |

Celia POLThe Morgan School has participated in the Poetry Out Loud competition for the past five years. After choosing poems from the Poetry Out Loud website, the student participants compete by reciting their poems from memory. English teacher Michele Wickam runs the competition with the help of her UCONN English class.

Februrary 6, 2015 at 8:45 marks the sixth annual Poetry Out Loud competition at Morgan.Juliana POL 2014 As in previous years, the winner of the Morgan Poetry Out Loud competition will go on to a state competition.

Sophomore Juliana Ragonese participated for the first time last year. Like most people at their first performance, Juliana thought it was “nerve wracking”. However, she found that it wasn’t as stressful as she first assumed and found it exciting to Bailey 2014 POLgo up there on the stage to participate.

Senior Bailey Shea, who also participated in previous years, stated that the participants are “like a family.” Also, she states that going up there is so fun that they “forget that it is a competition.”  Bailey encourages “people should give it a chance.”

Ms. Wickam states that they “will be having a workshop in January with a visiting artists.” So, we hope that you will come and support the competitors and encourage you to sign up next year.