Sophomore Plans For the Future


Written by Jordan Ledyard|

As the class of 2017 gets older, more exciting events start to occur. The class president, Burton Caldwell, and the sophomore advisor, Library/Media Specialist Mrs. Robinson, and Vice-President Olivia Amendola, are starting to plan for important events that will shape the sophomore class for the rest of its high school years. The Morgan School has given the students a chance to buy a spirit jersey, along with other  articles of clothing.  The sophomore class has its own color spirit jersey that many students have purchased. Also, the sophomore class officers are figuring out what theme the class is going to use for the homecoming float, determining homecoming and prom ideas, and working on other class activities that will help make this year unforgettable.

Burton Caldwell, Sophomore Class President
Burton Caldwell, Sophomore Class President

Mrs. Robinson says, “We have some great ideas that students are excited for that cannot be disclosed yet. But I do enjoy getting involved with the kids and seeing the students of Morgan get together for positive activities. I really enjoy being the sophomore advisor. It is a great class that has already had a positive impact on the community of Morgan and has great spirit. Right now we are focusing on homecoming and float plans and also the spirit week ideas for the whole school.” Class president Burton Caldwell also talked about being “extremely excited for the sophomore homecoming float this year.”

With successful fundraising underway, the sophomore class can plan some exciting events that will help the class create an unforgettable high school experience at Morgan. Although we do have different student council leaders this year, here is a link to the class of 2017’s achievements last year as freshman.