Recycling: Struggles in the Battle of Awareness


Recycling Bins

Written by Jensen Garcia |

Recycling Bins
Recycling Bins

Recycling not only helps protect our environment, but it is also the law. As stated on the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection website, “Schools and institutions are not exempt from recycling requirements!”  The sad truth is that The Morgan School has not recycled successfully in the past. Intern Mike Augusta stated, “It is outrageous that there is no paper recycling in the copying room. It is just a trash can.” However, the Morgan School is slowly taking steps to show its commitment to recycling.

Freshman class advisor and mathematics teacher Monica Mikulski noticed the lack a recycling program at our school. After she became class advisor to the freshman class, she decided to begin a recycling program.  Every classroom now has a paper bin and a plastic bottle and can bin.  Freshman students will be responsible for collecting the recyclables. Once the recyclables are collected, they will be turned in, and the money will be used as a freshmen class fundraiser.

Ms. Mikulski says that she wants freshmen to volunteer to do it, and “every freshman should volunteer at least once.”  She wants to be able to collect the recycling Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Environmental Science teacher Ms. Emily Lisy says, “I think it is a great idea since it is great for the environment. Also, the Freshman class gets money from the recycled bottles and cans.”

The one problem is students are not aware of the new recycling efforts.  Learning Commons instructional assistant  Patricia Dow stated, “I think it is great that we started a recycling program. I started the recycling of paper in the Learning Commons last year, and people have been using it more. However, students don’t seem aware of the recycling. I find trash in the plastic and other recycling bins, and I am the one who stays here fixing it.”

We all need to take the next step by spreading the word.  Watch where you throw your paper, cans, bottles and trash!  Everyone must participate to make the recycling program at Morgan a success.