A Day of Remembrance: Memorial Day Parade

Written by Erika Renkl |

Photos by Erika Renkl |

Each year, the town of Clinton holds a parade in memorial of those who have served in the military for our country. The parade is held every Memorial Day at 11 and usually ends around 12:30. It’s composed of a march from Post Office Square down to the Town Green where a ceremony is held. The parade marches back to the Town Hall after completion of the ceremony. Participants and observers may congregate at the Abraham Pierson School for the community picnic held by Partners in Community.

Some of the features of the parade this year included the police dog, Ace, who performed basic tricks several times on the route, and performances by both the Morgan and Eliot bands. It’s the largest audience that many of the groups in the parade will experience, so it’s a big deal that everything goes smoothly.

The ceremony that ends the parade is the most important part of the event, however. This is when the branches of the military and all veterans are formally recognized and all speeches take place. Two quartets of military veterans sing the national anthem and God Bless America for the crowd, followed by a new performance this year by a submarine drill team of six members who had an elaborate and very impressive display of rifle spinning. This is the first time they have been in the ceremony and we hope to see them back next year.

If you have yet to attend a Memorial Day Parade here in Clinton, it is highly encouraged that you do while you still live in Clinton. It’s a true gem in the town, and perhaps the most important, memorable ceremony that the town gets together for every May.