Hopeful Huskies Look Forward to a New Season


Written by Kevin Moran|

Over spring break, the Morgan Huskies baseball team flew out to sunny Florida to play some games of the great American pastime. The team was happy to get its first win, with Sophomore Chad Neri on the mound, who played a great game. Though the Huskies started off the season 2-4, they have now improved to a 5-4 record. The Huskies have very high hopes for the rest of their season, as they are currently on a five game win streak.

The Huskies first win came in Florida when they played a team from Wildwood, New Jersey. Though the Huskies were happy to get their first win, many of them felt they should have won both games that they played. After coming back from Florida, Morgan then beat Valley to earn their second win with Junior Jared Spanier pitching all seven shut-out innings. The Huskies earned a “W” with a 3-0 win. This seemed to be a large confidence booster for the team. Senior Jake Mastrionni says, “As a team, we’re figuring out how to put things together to win.” Jake is one of the most positive players on the team, and after the Huskies first loss of the season, Jake said, “After the first game, we were down, but we know not to quit and not to give up.”

There are many younger kids on the team this year, but there are also a fair amount of seniors. Sophomore Chad Neri said, “We work together very well.” And Freshman Cooper Thompson believes that “There’s no feeling of awkwardness being an underclassman with many older kids on the team.” The team is clearly a tight group and I talked to the team about some of the traditions or superstitions the team has. Jake Mastrionni said that, “Our coach doesn’t believe in superstitions so we don’t take part in it.” The Huskies do have one tradition that comes every year after conditioning. “After the last day of conditioning, coach shaves almost everyone’s head” said Jake. This rule clearly didn’t apply to senior Nick Powers who is sporting long hair and a beard this season.

As the Huskies look forward to continuing their winning season,they face a daunting task. You can view the Huskies full schedule on the CIAC site.