One Last Time for the Seniors: The Morgan Band and Chorus Concert


Members of the Morgan Band sitting front row. From left to right: Michael Van Ness, Ethan Paradis, Jonathon Chann, Patrick McAllister, and Jonathan Markovics

Written by | Jonah Morello

On Tuesday, May 13th, the last chorus and band concert of the year was held in the Gagnon Auditorium. The chorus under the direction of John Lampe and the band under the direction of Ray Smith both took the stage and put on a wonderful last show. This show was also the last for the graduating seniors, and they really made the show worthwhile. The chorus performed an array of songs. The band also played many different pieces, with a special piece being incorporated. That piece was a “Stomp the Yard” like composition involving a bunch of different trash cans and a bunch of talent. The performance required both metal and plastic trash cans. The band performed one song with the trash cans, and the audience enjoyed the performance very much as the use of the trash cans was unique and different from previous concerts. The band was not the only one to put on a great show, as the chorus put on a phenomenal performance as well.

The director of the chorus, John Lampe, chose an array of songs that the chorus sang with lovely voices that filled the auditorium. For many, this was the last chorus concert as many seniors will be continuing on to college. The songs the chorus chose to sing were “Wanting Memories,” “Sweet Girl I Left Behind Me,” “Tell My Father,” and “Festival Sanctus,” as well as a few other pieces. After speaking with a few of the chorus members, they all said they enjoyed the songs they performed, but that they were sad this was their last performance. With the end of the year coming to an end, the chorus and band concerts have left off the year on a very high note! Check out the videos and photos provided by Elizabeth Bradley and Michele Donaldson from the concert, and enjoy the wonderful performances put on by both the band and chorus.

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