One Day, One Poem, Your Pocket


Written By Aj Rai and Lily Dawson|


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Poem in your Pocket day started in 2002 when the city of New York encouraged people to carry poems in their pocket to recite to others. In celebration of National Poetry Month (April),  the Academy of American Poets adopted this idea creating a national Poem in your Pocket Day in 2009. Mrs. Chausse’s Junior Honors English class brought the celebration to Morgan in April 2011 and 2012. Students throughout the whole school participated, except for last year, because Poem in  Your Pocket Day fell during the week of April Vacation.

This year the journalism class is sponsoring Poem in your Pocket Day. There will be prizes including candy and gift certificates. In order to get a raffle ticket to make you eligible for a prize, bring a poem in your pocket.  If you recite the poem you get two, and if you memorize the poem, you get three raffle tickets. Three tickets will be the maximum number of tickets issued per person.

English teachers will distribute the raffle tickets during English class. If you take English class G period, you can see Mrs. Chausse before school on Thursday April 24th for your raffle ticket, or you may come to our Journalism Class during D period and get your raffle ticket.   At the end of the day, we will draw five raffle tickets.

If you want to be a contender for this prize, bring in a poem in your pocket on April 24th!!!

If you need advice on where to find poems for “Poem in Your Pocket Day,” here are some great sites with terrific poems.


Or visit our bulletien board located across from the library which is stocked with poems for your pocket.