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From Middle School to High School, Mrs. Lupone

From Middle School to High School, Mrs. Lupone

January 15, 2020

Written and Photo by Kristina Bergman | This week health teacher Rachel Lupone started her transition from Jared Eliot Middle School to Morgan. Mrs. Lupone worked at Eliot for 1 1/2 years. Mrs. Lupone believes that the biggest difference between high school and middle school students is that high school ...

A Temporary Assistant Principal

Cynthia Schneider

November 1, 2019

Written by Sarah Williams |Photos by Sarah Williams | Cynthia Schneider has a new position here at Morgan: assistant principal. Well, for now. Cynthia Schneider Cynthia Schneider has come to The Morgan School for a reason, we don't have an assistant principal since Mr. Webb left to take a new position. She will be staying unti...

Morgan Welcomes The New Special Ed Teachers

Morgan Welcomes The New Special Ed Teachers

October 3, 2019

Written by Samantha Clapper and Kiara Suarez |Photos by Kiara Suarez | The Morgan School has many new staff members for the Special Education Department: School Psychologist Steven Mendelsshon, Special Education teachers Dana Githmark and Joan Pasay, and paraprofessionals Tracey McDonnell and Kimb...

New Teachers’ First Year

New Teachers' First Year

June 12, 2017

Written by Marie Kane | Photos by first-semester PawPrint staff There are three new teachers who became part of the Morgan staff this year: Ms. Lynch, Mrs. Mularski, and Mrs. Martino. World language teacher Laura Martino describes her first year here as a whirlwind. "New experiences, working with high school students again after working w...

Mrs. Waltson Joins Morgan

Mrs. Waltson Joins Morgan

October 6, 2015

Written by Meg Falcone| Photos by Meg Falcone and Amber Vuilleumier | Physics teacher Abigail Walston loves the new environment at Morgan. Mrs. Walston  taught high school science  in North Branford  for a number of years before coming to Morgan. She studied at Southern Connecticut State Univers...

From Manhattan to Clinton: Morgan’s New English Teacher

From Manhattan to Clinton: Morgan's New English Teacher

September 24, 2015

Written by Meghan Schulze | Morgan has a new English teacher! Ashley Mirabile is very excited to be a part of Morgan. Everyone has been so supportive and welcoming since the start of the school year. She is new to the area and feels that Clinton is a great town.  She is excited to get to know everyone...

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