The Morgan School Presents: Tarzan


Written by Kevin Moran and Riley Cronan|

Every spring, The Morgan School Musical puts on a new show that is sure to stun fans with flawless acting along with superb special effects that would even rival the work of famed film director, James Cameron.  In years past the musical has put on shows such as Once Upon a MattressFiddler on the Roof and Annie Get Your Gun.  This year, however, the musical is performing a classic that audiences of all ages will appreciate and enjoy, a play based on our beloved childhood movie of Tarzan.

This is an amazing production that can relate to kids of all ages that are sure to bring great business to the musical.  Like always, the play is being directed by Morgan School music teacher, Mr. Lampe, with the help of other Morgan staff including Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Whittle.  Having the aid of these staff members gives even more of a sense of community and bonding between all people involved with the play.

Mrs. Whittle

We had the pleasure of interviewing some of the principal roles such as Alex Best, Bobby Pace, and Mark Zumpano. When asked about why this play is different then others, senior Alex Best stated, “We don’t act like humans, the affect that animals have creates a different environment, it’s very interesting.” When I asked Bobby Pace why people should come see Tarzan, Pace replied: “To support the school, we raise all of our money, we put in so much hard work, hours and hours. To see it come together is amazing!” Senior Mark Zumpano, who plays Kerchak said that “It’s fun to recreate characters with my own interpretation.” When I asked Mark why people should come see the show he said: “This show has that Disney magic that people can relate to.”

This specific play, Tarzan, dates back to the 1920s when it first began gaining popularity as a book as well as a silent movie in 1928.  Throughout much of the 20th century, Tarzan began building in popularity with many variations created in the film.  In fact, in the original script, Tarzan’s parents were actually killed by Kerchak, the gorilla clan’s leader that then adopts Tarzan.  To our generation this is totally wrong because in the Disney movie we are familiar with, the leopard, Sabor, appeared to have killed Tarzan’s parents.  

Another extreme difference in these films is that Tarzan’s real name is actually John Clayton.  Now for many of the readers out there, this is a major flaw because Clayton in the Disney movie was the hunter that despised Tarzan and killed Kerchak, who was protecting Tarzan.  There have even been 64 different versions of the book sold throughout the world since the book’s creation in 1928.  While there have been many changes over the last 86 years, one thing is for sure, this story is a classic and will be portrayed as such on the stage. 

The play means so much to all involved because they can express themselves in such a big venue.  There are some people that are involved in the play who don’t play any sports or participate in any other clubs. The play is their chance to get involved and have a great time with all of their friends.  When interviewed on her feelings about The Morgan School musical, Senior Maddi Roman had this to say, “When I was young I did it one time, and then I never did it again until freshman year. The reason I joined the musical was because I’ve always had a passion for singing.  Ever since then I’ve just been involved with the musicals.  I’ve never had a bad experience, and I love working with my peers.  I’m most excited for the crowd that Tarzan will draw because it should draw a big audience, especially a lot of kids.”


I also had the pleasure of interviewing fellow Morgan Pawprint writer Senior Kevin Moran as to how he got connected with the play and what he is looking forward to most about Tarzan, “I got into the play through the class Music Theory freshman year. Mr. Lampe made me sing one day which I was very reluctant to do, and Mr. Lampe being the persuasive person he is wouldn’t take no for an answer.  He then told me that with practice I could develop into a great singer.  And then he brought up joining the play.  With Tarzan, I’m looking forward the most to making the audience laugh yet also gaining respect at the same time.”

One of the most pivotal interviews came from the director himself, Mr. Lampe. When asked about what Tarzan has that past productions haven’t, Mr. Lampe replied, “Flying! We’ve done it in the past, but it helps give another aspect that people don’t see often.” Lampe also said that “the music is appealing to a younger audience. It is not a slow moving show.” I also asked Mr. Lampe about the difficulties of putting on a musical production. He said that “Getting kids to memorize their lines can be a slow process, dancing is also a slow development, but it all comes together.”

The Morgan Musical production of Tarzan premiers on March 27 and runs through the 30th, tickets will be $15.00!

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