New Department Teachers: Mrs. Breton and Mr. Farace


Written By Sarah Dahlberg and Erika Renkl |

Mrs. Bretton

Mrs. Breton has worked in the special education department for fourteen years at Morgan but recently has changed her field. She is now teaching the vocational and functional life skills class here at the school. We asked her what made her switch to a new class and she said, “an opportunity opened up for a new challenge in life. I am excited to work with a new population of students.”  Mrs. Breton showed enthusiasm and excitement  for her new class and the challenges she will face with it.

With Mrs. Breton leaving her position as a special education teacher, a new job opportunity opened. Mr. Farace, the new face at Morgan, has accepted the position as a dual role. He works in the special education department along with the mathematics department.  He started the end of January and loves it here thus far. “My colleagues are really supportive, and the students show enthusiasm and hard work for sports and education,” Mr. Farace said. “I look forward to coming to school every day.” He formerly worked in the Isaac School, the first charter school in Connecticut, as a math interventionist and at Mitchell College in athletics and academic support. Mr. Farace chose to accept the job at Morgan because of the positive atmosphere and the skill set the job required. “This job is a good representation of who I am.” Along with the positive atmosphere, Morgan has lived up to his expectations with an overall happy and supportive climate. We asked Mr. Farace what he hopes to accomplish here at Morgan, and he responded with, “I hope to provide a learning atmosphere where all students feel they are developing math skills and are comfortable asking questions and working with each other.”

There were also many other new additions to the staff at the Morgan School this year.