Why Come to Morgan?


The OG school as Mike is the OG custodian

By Jonathan Markovics |

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On the evening of Thursday, January 30, 2014 The Morgan School was filled with prospective eighth grade students and parents.  The students and parents toured Morgan and met with the department chairs.  The department chairs shared a description of the subject, what classes are offered within the subject, and the benefits of a Morgan education.  The tours ended in the cafeteria where an array of clubs and activities were displayed as well as refreshments provided by the culinary arts class.  At the open house, the eighth graders and their parents were able see and get a taste for what Morgan has to offer.

Read the following article, Calling All to Morgan:  Become a Husky!, to see why current freshman promote students to come to Morgan.

Said many times before, an education is what you make of it.  The Morgan School hopes to see all the eighth graders this fall!