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    Prom Fashion Advice

    Prom Fashion Advice

    By: Aj Rai and Lily Dawson |

    The talk of prom has already started amongst girls, and as a result, dresses are already  being purchased. So what are the new trends? Should I be wearing a simple dress or more elegant dress? Can I find a dress that I like under my budget? Of course there are many questions that go through girls’ heads when the conversation of prom starts. But for some girls this conversation can be very stressful because they do not know what they would like to be wearing at prom.

    Prom happens two times: junior year  and senior year. There is always  a challenge for girls to find the “perfect dress”. This challenge to finding the perfect dress can lead to escalated stress. Another thing that causes stress about prom is having a dress that’s socially acceptable, ” Fitting In”, but the point of prom isn’t to worry about these things: it’s to have fun and make memories. In this article,  we are going to help with prom dress issues such as what girls prefer to wear, and what dresses are affordable but stylish.

    Are you wondering what other girls are going to be wearing at prom?  We conducted a survey to see what types of dresses girls will be wearing. After surveying 63 girls in The Morgan School, we have the results on what’s popular. Our categories on style of dress: strapless, one strap and two straps. 25 students voted for strapless, 22 for one strap and 16 voted for two straps.  Personally, I believe that the one strap would look great on a girl , but a strapless dress is elegant. For strapless, a girl must make sure it fits correctly or it’s a hassle. Our other category was based on length: high-low, long or short. The category that won the most votes won by a long shot with 59 votes. High-low and short dresses both won two votes. Even though those two designs are beautiful, we personally feel that for a formal event such as prom a long dress would be appropriate and elegant.

    Girls have two opportunities to wear an elegant ball gown dress in their lifetime. One s prom, so another type of dress that is still a fantastic option is a ball gown dress.   Even though they seem be too formal and not in style with this generation, they are beautiful types of dresses.  Sometimes being different can have a positive impact. You could set the next trend for prom; if you desire to wear a ball gown dress, then you should go for it! When we asked questions for our prom dress survey, we received an interesting statement from Shannon Robinson, “Sometimes girls are persuaded to conform to the popular style, and they forget their own desires.” That statement is true because girls always want to follow the trend. They are afraid to step outside the box, and  they may forget their own wishes. Remember that prom is about you. You are only going to have two proms that are your own while attending  The Morgan School. Do what you want and don’t always think about what other people think. The question becomes if you really want to wear a certain type of dress, why do you care what other people think?

    There are many types of dresses available.  Price ranges are from affordable to outrageously expensive. Here are some dress we found to be affordable and beautiful…

    1st dress navy blueThis dress is available on Its selling price is 170 dollars. It is a floor length sleeveless dress with cut out waist. We believe that the color is an elegant color with a nice gold accent.


    This dress is from  shows a more seductive side of a girl. The color is more bright  with rhinestone accents. It is a high low strapless dress. We believe that this dress is more intense compared to other dresses and shows more curves. The dress is selling for 99 dollars.

    This dress, available on  is floor length with a beautiful and elegant color with rhinestone accents. Personally this is our favorite dress because it shows curves and has a beautiful  accent. The cost of the dress is more on the expense side, with a price tag of 250 dollars.

    If you still have more questions about prom night check out our past article  by Alumni Katt Wilkinson: Everything You Want to Know About Prom

    Now remember Prom Night is about you and don’t be afraid to show the true you because if you don’t you’re only hurting yourself.

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