Penguin Plunge


By Amanda LaRiviere and Kate Driscoll |

Featured image via Anthony Reczek Photography

Would you be daring enough to wade into the frigid ocean at Hammonasset Beach, especially during the winter? Last year, over one hundred people took on this challenge to raise money for the Special Olympics. This year on February 8th, you can accept this challenge too.

A question that many seem to have is, “How much money do I need to raise to participate?” We interviewed Trent Gulliford, who has done the Penguin Plunge four times already. To participate, you must raise at least $100 by any means possible. This may seem a little high, but Trent told us that there were easily 100 people there last year. Many come as a school in different costumes and apparel, but you can go alone or with a group of friends. This is the first year that The Morgan School is going as a team.

Penguin Plunge 1

We also interviewed Ms. White, who told us that “…it started out as a crazy event, but people realized it was something fun to do with friends…” She has plunged once, and is planning to plunge again. She told us that a wide variety of people participate of all different ages, wearing different costumes.

The plunge will take place on Saturday, February 8th, at Meigs Point, Hammonasset Beach. You must be at least 8 years old to plunge, and raise a minimum of $100. Registration will be at 10:00 am and you can take the plunge at 12:00 pm. If you are interested in joining the Morgan team, make sure to contact Trent for further information.