There are many faces in the Yearbook, but who are the ones behind it?

Written by Elizabeth Bradley |

Recent  Yearbook

A high school yearbook is a significant end of the year prize for many students, especially for seniors leaving their four years behind and moving on to bigger things. This begs the question, what goes into creating a yearbook full of memories from an entire year?

The Morgan Tower has been the staple name of the yearbook at The Morgan School since 1943. If you happen to venture to the media specialists office in the Learning Commons you will be able to see the array of Morgan yearbooks dating back to 1943 till 2013. One of the most common questions for the yearbook staff is, “Why was it originally called The Morgan Tower?” I asked Mrs. Robinson, the leader of yearbook, and she said, “The Morgan School was originally Abraham Pierson School on Main Street, and there is a tower at the top of that school!” Rumor has it if you look close enough you can even find quite a few of your present day teachers back in their student days by looking at the old editions of The Morgan Tower.

I am the current editor of The Morgan Tower, and we have a staff of about 12 students who work on multiple tasks assigned by the editor, such as tagging names of students and faculty in pictures or dropping pictures into an already designed layout. The Morgan Tower uses Jostens Yearbook website to sell our yearbooks, and the committee uses Yearbook Avenue to create all of their pages. A layout can be chosen from a wide range of pre made layouts that Jostens offers, or you can create your own layout. When you’re creating a layout it is basically trial and error. By that I mean you can switch the color of a page or a picture border at least thirty times and then end up settling with the first color you chose!

There are many ways you can help out or get involved with The Morgan Tower! First, if you have any pictures from 2013/14 of events, sports, etc. at Morgan or involving Morgan students we want to see them! Jostens offers the Replay it app  that you can download from the iPhone app store and windows phone store. The replay it app lets you log on as The Morgan School and upload your pictures from the school year. The yearbook committee can use any picture you have submitted in our yearbook! Another way to help out The Morgan Tower is by selling or purchasing ads. At the end of our yearbook we include pages full of ads by parents or businesses who paid to have these ads promoting their graduating senior or their business!

The Morgan Tower would like to reveal their yearbook theme for the 2013/14 school year: How do you want to be remembered? When The Morgan Tower staff had to choose a theme we looked at the generic pre-offered yearbook themes, none of which stood out. The reason we chose how do you want to be remembered for the 2013/14 yearbook is because the students at The Morgan School, especially the Class of 2014, are surely to be remembered. Whether they accomplished goals  or did silly things with their team, their cast, their class, or by themselves, the class of 2014’s names are sure to be remembered.