Calling All to Morgan: Become a Husky!


Written by Emily Sobieraj|

As the seniors of 2014 walk out, new freshmen walk in. Eighth grade members of the Jared Eliot Middle School will become ninth graders here at Morgan. There are many opportunities such as sports and clubs and the teachers are very friendly. I interviewed some of my peers to see what they had to tell the incomers.

Mya Wojiechowski said students should “Come because it’s public school; it’s free… ; choose electives you can relate to your hobbies.”

Electives include world language, film study, cooking, babysitting, law, the Morgan PawPrint, Earth and Space and more. You can only choose two, but it’s your choice, so pick wisely. Sydney Chomicz said, ” I think there is definetely a lot of welcoming upperclassmen. You should try to make friends with them during STEP so you have someone to go to later.”

When dealing with the upperclassmen, try not to get in their way. Kayla Loth said, ” A lot of upperclassmen have had the same experiences that you’ve had.”

Shyanne Gibbs said, ” Some things about Morgan that I like are being allowed to use our phones for music- and the really nice teachers.”

Throughout the year, comments have been made by fellow freshmen about how much they love The Morgan School and how the students in their eighth grade class should have chosen Morgan over Mercy, Sacred Heart or other schools.  Morgan has sports including football, soccer, volleyball. We also have clubs including drama, fencing, political club, REACT, Interact and Peer Advocates. There is a wonderful staff that will help you if needed. But, most of all, the Morgan School has a friendly environment that will welcome the new freshmen with open arms.