Coming Soon: Tarzan!


Written by Emily Zirkelbach|

Mr. Lampe, chorus teacher and musical director here at Morgan, has directed the last 29 plays at The Morgan School. He is very excited for the production of Tarzan and hopes many students will come support their hard work. The play is March 27th through the 30th, and tickets are $15.

Students that have a lead role in the play sometimes are stressed because they are not certain when to make time for school and other outside school activities. Sophomore Seth Warner states, “This is my second year participating in the Morgan play while being in high school, and my first year I had a lead role. It is hard trying to find time for school with play practice, and especially this week and the upcoming week because of midterms. But it’s pretty easy to handle if you know how to make time.”

Being in clubs and activities such as the play can be fun, but you just have to know how to manage your time right. “This is my third year participating in the play here at Morgan, and this is my second time having a lead role. People ask me all the time how do I manage school and the play?  it’s hard to, but you just have to not stress, and things will get done,” states junior Chase Le May. Chase is also involved in indoor track making it even harder to find time for school, but he’s managed it well so far.

Junior Charlie Bencivengo says “This is my ninth year participating in the Morgan school plays, but this is my third year participating in them as a high school student. I’ve been a lead role in a few plays, and when it comes to managing school, you just don’t. It’s very hard, and it being my junior year it’s even harder.” It’s different for all students who participate in the play or a spor. But overall the students stated that school is most important. There are many other students that have lead roles and are also in sports, and they seem to be able to manage well. The actors and Mr. Lampe hope this year’s play is even better than last year’s!

Come support Morgan Students in the play Tarzan on the 27th – 30th!

IMG_0399Tarzan Cast List