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New School… That’s Cool.


Written by Katie Costello |
Photos taken by Mike Baker |

New School Plans

I bet you’re thinking ,” Here’s another article about the New School that hasn’t even been built yet.” I am here to tell you that this is NOT another boring article about the New School. In fact, my recent findings about what will be in the school is exciting and enticing. After talking to Mrs. Hagness about where they are with building the new school, what will be in it, and what kind of learning environment it will be, I got a little envious about the students that will be able to learn there.

The first question I asked Mrs.Hagness in my interview with her was the arrangement for the schedule in the new school. This is still  undecided. “We planned to work out the schedule with members of the faculty and administrators during the summer. We have been looking at other school schedules and researching what different options we have. We have some options in line, but until the summer, we will not decide anything further.”

My next question was how will the school change academically? Mrs. Hagness explained to me that the idea for the new school is to have interdisciplinary wings. For example, math with science, English with social studies, and then world language. The classrooms would be set up in this arrangement because then the teachers could combine ideas, projects, or certain sections they are learning about. The administration feels this would heighten education because different students could share different ideas; teachers could work together more on projects, enhancing learning and how a student will receive and perceive information they are being taught.

The cafeteria was my next interest. As all Morgan students are concerned about their food choices, lunch options, and breakfast selections, I wanted to see what the lunch area would entail. Mrs. Hagness explained to me that there would be lots of different seating options: booths, counters, and round tables. She explained,”there will also be a charging station for cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.” Students or teachers will be able to sit at the charging station and work on their laptop or charge their electronic device. This is a great addition to Morgan. Also, there will be an outdoor courtyard. This courtyard will be for all students and not just for seniors like the one we have now. This courtyard will be paved and be an amphitheater type area. Mrs. Hagness explains she and her other colleagues will try to make the outdoor courtyard look natural and feel open.

I have heard various rumors about how the gymnasium will look.  Mrs. Hagness says,”it will be one large arena. This will be beneficial for all because we will be able to have play off games in our school. Although there won’t be two gyms, there will be a divider so that gym classes and Park & Rec teams can play two games at once.” She also explained that the second story will have glass windows that will look down into the gym so people can watch the activities/games that will be played there.

In the current Morgan, study halls are very strict and regulated as to where students can go and what they can do. Mrs. Hagness didn’t have much information to share with me because this is another topic that will be discussed during the summer. “I want the library to be the heart of the school. The guidance offices will be off of the library so during study halls, students can go and talk to the counselors about future plans after high school, grades, or other concerns,” says Mrs. Hagness. She also explains that the library will have a production area with a green screen for students who are interested in broadcasting and photography. The future Morgan PawPrint students will definitely appreciate this addition to Morgan!

After this detailed and informative interview, I had one final question to ask our principal. “What are some major changes that you are excited about in the new school?” She explanied ,” The building will be a lot better as a whole. It will have wood flooring and its going to feel more like a school than a jail. We will have a good environment and hopefully the enviornment will be exciting for the teachers and students.”

For more information about other additions to the New Morgan, please refer to the other articles published by Michael Baker.

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    JonathanJan 5, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    I personally disagree with your statement that all previous articles about the New Morgan School are boring.