Interact’s New Year


Written by Amanda Garbinski |

When Mrs. Robinson decided to step down as Interact leader to focus on yearbook and the freshmen class, the Interact club was thankful for all her contributions, but of course, upset because her support would be missed.  Luckily, at a Rotary dinner Jonathan Markovics and I (Amanda Garbinski) attended, Ms. Willets happily agreed to help the club work with the Clinton Rotary Club more closely than they have in the past.  Since Ms. Willets works at Eliot and can not be here at Morgan, Jonathan and I had to find an advisor before the year started.  Thankfully, Mrs. Iverson (Ms. Healey) agreed to take the reins. Ms. Healey and Ms. Willets were both former Interact members when they attended The Morgan School, so their input on the activities they did when they were high school students are extremely helpful to the club.

Interact has grown in numbers as well in collaboration.  With the help of Ms. Willets,  instead of fundraising, our club has focused more on volunteering at events, such as Christmas in Clinton and the Fire Department’s Amber Alert Day, sponsoring families over the holidays, through the help of Clinton Youth and Family Services, and aiding events, such as Christmas in Clinton by baking gingerbread ornaments.

After the holidays, Interact will still focus on volunteering in our community but will start spreading their club into the school through annual fundraisers everyone will enjoy.  Stay tuned in to hear about our upcoming events, planned to please the population here at The Morgan School.