Black Friday Smack


Written by Katie Costello |
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Right around the time Thanksgiving arrives, people start thinking about December Holidays and the gifts they are going to get for their loved ones. Black Friday adds to all the craziness and chaos that the holidays bring. I wondered about how the people who work retail feel about Black Friday and how the people who shop feel about Black Friday.

I was curious to see what hours people worked on Black Friday and where they work. Do they want to work? How does the store benefit from Black Friday? Do they think that their Black Friday sales are worth the craziness? April Reed who works at Nautica explains, “I work 7:30-11 on Thanksgiving and 11-7:30 on Black Friday. The prices are always better after Black Friday because the store raises the prices before they put the discount on the items so the prices are almost the same. The sale is definitely not worth the craziness, and if people knew what the stores really do, then they wouldn’t waste their time standing in lines for three hours.” Amanda Pryor who works at ShopRite explains ,” I would go shopping if I didn’t have to work Black Friday. Some of the sales are worth the craziness, but sometimes it gets to be too much. Black Friday is always crazy every year especially at the clothing stores.” Morgan Shaker, who works at Olympia Sports explains ,” The biggest door buster sale is $10 off a pair of sneakers that were originally $120. I’m shopping on Black Friday anyways because I don’t have to work until 3:45.”

People who don’t work on Black Friday definitely had some mixed opinions. Robbie Consiglio explains, “I’ve never shopped on Black Friday because I’m too lazy to get up that early. I think the craziness is worth it because you get great deals for only one day.” In contrast, Sam Anglin explains,” I’ve never shopped on Black Friday. I personally don’t think it is fun with all the crazy people running around. A lot of the adults seem to go crazy, and there seems to be a slim chance you will find anything that you’re looking for.” Julia Hornyak says ,” I’ve never shopped Black Friday, but my parents usually do. I think I would want to go at least once in my life because there are numerous things I would enjoy buying, but I’ve heard the people can be crazy, and I don’t want to deal with crazy people. Overall, I think it is worth it because the prices are low and there are good gifts for your family.”

Black Friday seems to be the craziest day of the year for all the retail stores. Take our poll below and tell us what you are doing on Black Friday!

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