Morgan Scores 4th in state

Written by Shelby Bowman, Owen Zamecnik and Liam Meechan|

Auto shopStudents at The Morgan School who have taken two years of a technical course are given a special opportunity when it comes time to take finals. They are given the chance to take what is called the National Occupational Competence Testing Institute or NOCTI.

At a CTE conference, Mr. Cole and Mrs. Nunan, our culinary and child development instructor,  were presented with a plaque congratulating nunanThe Morgan School on its achievement in scoring 4th in the state on the NOCTI test taken by  Morgan students. The NOCTI was taken by 28 Morgan students; 8 accounting students, 4 auto students, 10 child development students and 6 culinary students. 108 schools in the state participated, and Morgan scored 4th. Mr. Cole  expressed that he was pleasantly surprised with his students.  These teachers prepped their students  simply by following the course content and curriculum working with students through activities that are based on the state standards to prepare for this exam. Only students that have taken a technical class for 2 full years with a C or better in the class are eligible to take the exam; sophomores, juniors and seniors fall under this category.


Mr. Cole offered his students the choice of either taking the final exam or taking the NOCTI as a replacement final exam.   Being tested on the the state level is not only more challenging than The Morgan School course exams, but it can also be listed on resumes and applications.