Who’s the New Biology Teacher?


Written by Katie Costello |

Mrs. Lisy

Well everyone, your questions will be answered! Mrs. Lisy is the new biology teacher in room 54. Before beginnings at Morgan, she worked in Stamford at Westhill High School for 9 years. She taught CP Biology, Anatomy, Marine Biology, Environmental Science AP, a floral art class, and many others. At Westhill, she also coached field hockey.

During my interview with her, I was curious as to why she chose to teach at Morgan. She explained ,”First off, it was a lot closer to home. Living in North Branford and having a three year old was difficult.  She’s at the age where she gets involved in after school activities so she needs me to be home earlier. The commute to Stamford would sometimes be hours, and it was getting crazy. I also heard great things about Morgan. Everyone I have talked to says it will be a joy to teach the kids here in Clinton.” When asked about her experience here so far, she said, “Getting kids engaged and excited about biology is hard. I try to make the lessons as fun and interesting as possible.” She explained how she tries to get the students interested, “I do a lot of hands on activities and try to explain the real world application of all the things we are learning about.” When I asked if she planned on getting more involved in activities here at Morgan she said ,”Well if the school has an environmental club I might want to get involved with that. I coached field hockey at Stamford so maybe.”

With her shy smiles and sweet voice, Mrs. Lisy is a great new addition to Morgan.  I’m sure the biology students are thrilled to finally have a permanent teacher.