“Here I am”


Written by | Kelsey Novak

Amanda Lucas, AJ Raj, Shelby Mehmet |

The Clinton Board of Education consists of seven adults who promote the learning of students in the school system.

In addition, there are three students: Amanda Lucas, AJ Raj, and Shelby Mehmet who actively attend each Board of Education meeting, twice a month on Mondays for the first hour. These students report to the school board on the events and ideas of The Morgan School. They also answer questions that the Board of Education may have or inform the board members of items such as lock downs or fundraisers. The main purpose is to educate the adults in our community about what actually happens in our educational environment. There are typically 2 seniors and 1 junior that are selected. Students apply at the beginning of the school year.

Amanda Lucas, senior, explained that she became interested “from past people who have done this program. I’ve seen Shelby Church and Allie Rivas speak about this, and it got me interested. I took it as a great leadership opportunity, and I wanted to get involved with the school.” It has been proven that upperclassman can make a difference. There are positive influences everywhere. You just have to keep looking to stay on the right track.

Aj Rai, senior, stated that, “Mrs. Hagness asked me to apply; I had an interview and here I am.”

Shelby Mehmet, junior, explained, “Mrs. Hagness actually told me about it and encouraged me to fill out the application. I want to make a difference, and I feel that being a part of the Board of Education is a way I can.”

Mrs. O’Donnell, Clinton Public School’s assistant superintendant, responded to a few questions through email. The importance of the student representatives is to provide information to the Board of Education. These student representatives have “collaborated to create two slideshows that capture many of the highlights of student life at Morgan for the Fall Semester 2013.”

For more information, visit the Clinton Public Schools Board of Education website