What is it Really Like to be Related to a Staff Member?



Written by Maggie LaCross|

Some people would dream of having their parents teach at their school. It would be so convenient. When they need something, their parents would be there to supply it for them. But some students who have parents that are staff explain it isn’t as easy as it seems.

Kendra Dean, sophomore, said “I don’t like that he [Mr.Zawadski] knows everything that I do.” This is the biggest con of having a parent that’s also a member of the faculty, Kendra explained. She also told me that she can’t necessarily be friends with everyone that she wants to be friends with since he knows all about them too.

Mrs.Robinson, mother of Alyssa Robinson, a freshman at The Morgan School, said it’s hard knowing where to draw the line in her social life. She added that sometimes it’s difficult to keep her relationship as a parent and teacher separate.

However, the benefits far outshine the negative aspects of being related to a staff member or being a staff member and a parent to a student. In a way, it keeps the child safe. In a hypothetical situation, if the parent or relative is concerned for the student in any way, they have the comfort that they can check on them throughout the day. Most parents would like to monitor who their kid is friends with, too. Some benefits for the student are that they could potentially be offered rides to school. “It’s easier to stay after school because he’s still here”, Kendra states. Many students who can not drive struggle with finding rides when going into school early or staying after. It is also beneficial because if they are struggling in school academically, then they can get help out of school without the inconvenience of staying after. “I have a little more handle on her education,” Mrs.Robinson said. She also likes that she gets to see her daughter on a daily basis. Mrs Buffington, who has two kids currently in Morgan, said, “It’s nice because we know what’s going on in the school,” she added “we can accommodate them with their after school activities.”

In the end, there are mixed emotions about being related to a faculty member of a student. There are some pros and some cons, but in the end, it is helpful to have someone on the faculty that you are related to or to have a child that is a student where you work.